About the couple

Bride: Michelle DeBoersap

Groom: Drew Lescisin

How they met: In high school

Engagement story: “Drew’s grandfather built a cabin on Green Lake about 60 years ago,” says Michelle. “It’s one of Drew’s favorite places in the world. We spent countless hours there together in our four and a half years as a couple and it quickly became one of my favourites as well. Our four-year anniversary landed on a long weekend, so on the eve of our anniversary we made the trek to the cabin. It’s heated by a wood stove so when we arrived well past dark on a mid-November night, it was freezing! Drew stoked a big, crackling fire while I set up a fireside nest of fuzzy blankets and lit candles around the cabin, thinking we’d have a quiet, cozy evening. We got settled in, chatted about silly things for a while and then Drew got very quiet. Strangely quiet. And then I turned and saw his face and I knew what was coming. He came to my side, got on one knee, said some wonderful things, asked me to be his wife and pulled a beautiful ring from his pocket. It was perfect.”

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