About the couple

Bride: Pauline Jennifer Watt

Groom: Matthew Kyle Leech 

How they met: “We met in our first year of university as we shared many classes together at Acadia University,” recalls Pauline. “It wasn’t until second year that we finally had our first date.”

Engagement story: “After being together for nine years, it can sometimes be hard to create that element of surprise, however, Matthew managed to fool me by saying that he was going to Toronto for a boys’ weekend,” explains Pauline. “He packed a bag and left for the ‘airport’ so I went shopping with his sister, then made plans with other family and friends. While dropping off his sister at her house that night, I was surprised when she didn’t welcome me in for a visit – very unusual for her. I went home feeling a little – alone – and there was a candle lit outside our apartment door. I honestly thought the neighbours were fooling around so I unlocked the door and there was Matt, dressed up in a suit with flowers, candles, wine – the whole deal.”

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