Wedding Theme Ideas (And How To Pull Them Off)

Wedding Theme: Preppy

Every bride wants her personal style to be reflected in the choices she makes for her wedding day — especially her wedding theme.

In most cases, a bride’s wedding theme will fall into one of four categories. The first is luxe and dramatic — this look is for the glamour girl looking for a real show-stopping event. Then there’s the traditional bride — she is elegant, refined and chic. The whimsical bride gravitates toward quirky details and bright pops of colour while the rustic/vintage bride is all about embracing the outdoors and choosing elements with a sense of meaning and history.

With these overarching wedding themes (luxe, traditional, whimsical and rustic/vintage) in mind we set out to offer each type of bride some modern inspiration. Click through the slides below to see how you can reinvent the classic wedding theme you love most.