40 Ingenious Beach Wedding Ideas That Haven’t Been Done A Million Times Before

Truth be told, beach weddings have a tendency to all look the same. This isn’t surprising, considering the beach is not only a blank canvas but — if you’re lucky to find the right spot — a truly spectacular setting. One glance at the seaward horizon and you’re practically ordering those chocolate seashell favours by telepathy. Trust us, we’ve been there. It’s hard to not look at a great beach and immediately envision a boatload of cutesy nautical details (if only you could persuade your bridesmaids to wear boat shoes!).

The wedding industry, for its part, doesn’t help much: beach-themed favours and knick knacks capitalize on the initial excitement: your ceremony site overlooks the water, therefore you have to snatch up these shell-shaped program fans before you send out your message-in-a-bottle invitations.

We say, pause. The oodles of items available for your beach wedding aren’t going anywhere. You’ve already scanned the surface and know there are infinite ways to incorporate your seaside surroundings into your wedding celebration. However, if you’re willing to dive a little deeper, you’ll discover an entirely new realm of creative beach wedding ideas that haven’t been done a bajillion times before. Here are 40 of our favourites.