20 Modern Monogram Ideas That Will Really Wow Your Guests

Making a monogram display is a fun and easy DIY project as well as a great way to personalize your wedding. Channel your inner arts and crafts goddess and create a custom monogram out of yarn, old maps, or even recycled jewellery. Monogram displays can help to tie in your wedding theme, or they can simply reflect the personalities of you and your groom.

A couple that loves music could cover their initials in old sheets of music, while a couple that loves to travel could cover theirs in a map of a place they’d like to visit or the place they became engaged. Fresh flowers in a planter in the shape of letters can add a fresh, pretty touch to your wedding; twist wicker into the shape of your initials for a rustic wedding, or add twinkle lights to your display to light up a nighttime wedding. Display your monograms at your ceremony entrance, above your sweet table, on your reception tables, atop your guestbook table or on the walls of your venue. The displays can also be kept after the wedding to decorate your home!

From grand displays to small, sweet touches, here are some of our favourite creative ways to incorporate modern monograms into your wedding celebration.