100 Unique Wedding Ideas Inspired By Valentine’s Day

This year, especially for February 14, we’ve decided to indulge in our single biggest Valentine’s Day feature to date — 100 unique wedding ideas inspired by this love-filled day. We’re pigging out on unique wedding ideas and gorging on delectable details, which can be incorporated into a wedding at anytime of the year. To make sure you enjoy every morsel, we’ve sorted our big heart-shaped box of wedding goodies by flavour: classic, crafty and modern. Which type of Valentine’s bride are you?

Classic: You see your day as the ultimate romantic occasion. Your abode is completely IKEA-proof, filled with items you’ve collected over the years like heirloom crystal candle sticks, silver picture frames and a lace tablecloth your mother gave you. Your fantasy wedding looks like a modernized version of Father of the Bride. Your dream wedding gift is stemware from Tiffany & Co. Your biggest wedding pet peeve is super trendy mermaid gowns; you’d rather walk down the aisle in a classic ball gown that will still make you wistful 50 years from now. Your favourite wedding adjective is “timeless”.

Crafty: You’re looking forward to a cozy celebration filled with handmade details. Your home is crammed with assorted DIY projects in various stages of completion. Your fantasy nuptial affair looks like a mash-up between an Anthropologie catalogue and your grandmother’s wedding album. Your dream wedding gift is an all-expense-paid Etsy splurge. Your biggest wedding pet peeve is large, impersonal banquet halls; you would much rather celebrate in a charming inn or restaurant with the snowflakes dancing on the window sill. Your favourite wedding adjective is “lovely”.

Modern: You’re looking forward to a celebration that’s completely outside the box. Your walls are covered with pop art prints from Society6, you have an Andy Warhol magnet on your fridge and your closet is bursting with bright, bold apparel. Your fantasy wedding looks like a Kate Spade fashion spread and your dream wedding gift is the complete striped dinnerware collection from Mackenzie Childs. Your biggest wedding pet peeve is pearls; you would much rather accessorize with a massive ruby cocktail ring. Your favourite wedding adjective is “cheeky”.

Whatever your style, we’re sure these 100 unique wedding ideas inspired by Valentine’s Day will set your heart aflutter.