Rosie Picks: Cake Makers


I’m so proud to be Canadian! No truly. And, not just because I was born here, but working within the wedding industry has shown me that we have some pretty darn good talent out there. So, starting every first Monday of the month, I want to highlight and give props to three vendors across Canada whom I think deserve some accolades and praise. These are recommendations that I’ve gathered over the last few years from real brides, friends and, mainly working with them on editorial shoots for past issues. Of course, it wouldn’t truly be a “Rosie” post if I didn’t start by recommending vendors from my fave section: CAKES! It was definitely hard to narrow it down (so I’m sure you’ll see another post (or two!) from me down the road on cake vendors). But for now, here’s my top three choices for Monday:


Rosie Picks… Roxycakes
Location: Toronto
The 411:
Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bias. I still remember the first time, owner Roxanne Wickwire, delivered some delicious Halloween cupcakes to Weddingbells. Not only did they look gorgeous, they tasted so well too. But, what stands out the most for me, aside from her superb talent, is her vision and attention to details. Roxy comes from an artist’s background and uses her knowledge to create what you normally would deliver on paper, to her cakes. Her signature look is creating sugared flowers in a clean and pristine manner. Whether you’re a traditional or whimsical bride, Roxy can whip up something to your liking, without sacrificing her own style.

wbaug09_aeyra_50x300Rosie Picks… Aeyra Cakes
Location: Vancouver
The 411: Although I’m not from here myself, I’ve heard tons of wonderful things about Paula Lyons, the owner and designer. Looking at her bio, she’s constructed confections for some pretty big chiefs like Bill Clinton. And she’s worked at the Hyatt as well as honed her skills at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (a very prestigious and top school within the Vancouver area). Thus, brings me to her style. In one word, I think the best way to describe Paula’s designs are elegant to a T. So if you’re looking for something truly elegant and chic, she’s definitely your girl.

wbaug09_gateau_250x300Rosie Picks… Décor Gâteaux MTL
Location: Montreal
The 411: I was blown away the first time I ever laid eyes on Michel Danis’ creations, head chef for this sweet shop. Of course, he’s had over 30 years of experience, so his creations are nothing short of spectacular. I think the best thing about him is that he can whip up something totally whimsical but still make it look so elegant at the same time. You’ll have to see his portfolio to know exactly what I’m talking about.

So those are my recommendations for this week. I’d love to hear your feedback on who you think is a “Rosie Pick” and why. Please feel free to post your comments below.