Ways to Incorporate “Something Old” into Your Wedding

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” is a phrase we’re all familiar with, but are you going to incorporate these traditions into your big day? This poem was once considered a recipe for marital bliss, and it was thought that adhering to the rhyme would ensure a lifetime of happiness. Nowadays, we’re not quite as superstitious, but it can still be fun to brainstorm creative ways to fulfill this age-old adage. Even if you’re not a super-traditional bride, including “something old” in your wedding is a wonderful way to personalize your event and pay tribute to members of your family.

From displaying family portraits at your reception to wearing your mother’s dress or including your grandmother’s lace in your bouquet wrap, there are many unique ways to include “something old” in your celebration. The best “something old” items will make your wedding extra-special and offer sentimental value to your day. Your “something old” is meant to symbolize your past, tradition and family so it is important to explore all your options to really make your wedding memorable. To help you track down your perfect “something old”, we have selected eight of our favourite ideas for you to consider.


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