The Prettiest Ways to Display Macarons

Macarons (not to be confused with macaroons), the cute, meringue-based treats seen everywhere in Paris, have been popping up in many Canadian pastry shops over the last few years — so much so that it’s now cause for celebration. This year Macaron Day–an annual celebration which takes place in Paris every March 20th involving free samples–will also be celebrated in Toronto and Vancouver for the first time.

Steven Mason, head pastry chef of La Bamboche and the man responsible for bringing the event to Toronto, says that when the word spread about Macaron Day, especially on social media, many shops jumped at the chance to participate. “The macaron momentum has really been growing and it’s been picking up to the point where their popularity is almost out of control, but it’s wonderful,” says Mason.

Check out this Macaron map to find participating patisseries in Toronto or this article to find out where to pick up a free macaron in Vancouver.

In honour of this special day we’ve compiled 10 neat ways to incorporate the French treat into your wedding day.