The Perfect Rose

In my humble opinion, fat open roses that squish together with no space in-between, creating a perfect sphere of flawless petals is magnificent. These are circus roses. It’s OK, you can stare.

Not every rose opens like a circus rose. Each variety has it’s own personality, if you will. Named for its colour and created by their breading, they also have other individual characteristics as well. Every variety open at a certain speed in a certain way, or may not open at all. They may be a short rose or only available in longer lengths. And, most importantly every rose has a different vase life. It is a complex and intriguing business that your florist will manage for you. But by understanding the different features that make a rose a rose, you will be able to ask for the quality you love most. The more specific you are, the easier your florist can help, and the happier you will be the day of your wedding.

—Amber, Cool Green & Shady


2 comments on “The Perfect Rose
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  2. Pam says:

    Yes, they are a fave! Totally agree on the squishisness factor! Other fave roses include Black Magic and Faith, for the same reason. Really dislike pointy roses!!

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