The 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers For 2014


Our definitive guide to some of the best Canadian wedding photographers of the year from coast to coast, as chosen by the editors at Weddingbells.

We reviewed hundreds of stunning real wedding submissions from wedding photographers based across Canada in our search for some of the best companies to recommend to our loyal readers. This year we’re shining the spotlight on 30 shooters from coast to coast.

Each of the real weddings we feature online and in print inspires us in some way, but for this particular list we were focused on finding the most unique wedding photos that vividly portray the narrative of each special day. We narrowed the field based on reputation, communication, attention to detail and the overall quality and creativity of the shots. This year we also took into consideration how popular each real wedding was on social media. Loads of shares means other brides-to-be are loving what they see.

Scroll through our list of some of the best Canadian wedding photographers to find a team that perfectly suits your aesthetic, whether that’s classic and timeless or more surreal and dreamy. We’ll introduce you to the people behind the lenses, why we picked them, where you can see more of their work and how you can get in touch to make a booking.

Need more inspiration? Take a look through our list of some of the best Canadian wedding photographers of 2013.

Know any photographers that aren’t on our list but should be? Have them submit a real wedding to be instantly entered into the running for 2015.


13 comments on “The 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers For 2014
  1. It’s so exciting to see SO many great photographers that I get the privilege of working withe very season on this list!

  2. Claudia Concienne says:

    All I can say is, I wish Scarlet O’Neill, or any one of these other fabulously talented photographers, had been at MY wedding! Timeless, beautiful, and full of heart!

  3. Claudia Concienne says:

    Respectfully disagree! Perhaps you’re jaded from a bad experience?

  4. Claudia Concienne says:

    OMG!! Scarlet O’Neill
    is so TALENTED! She ALWAYS inspires! Such a fresh, beautiful perspective! She
    shoots from the heart, and it shows! WOW! (To any anonymous detractors, all I
    can say is, you MUST be jealous competitors! There’s no other explanation!)

  5. Disappointed says:

    The photos shown here ARE trendy – that’s my point. They all have that same bland, washed out, “vintage”, desaturated look. There’s nothing new or “inspiring” here.

    It seems like Wedding Bells editors don’t really look beyond their advertisers to come up with this list. There are some glaring omissions, like Two Mann Studios in Alberta and Davina Plus Daniel from Montreal just to name a couple.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think they’re nice and they’ve got a good group here. Couples wants to look back on their day and see photos that stand the test of time, not something trendy. Who would you recommend as a photographer who is breaking boundaries then?

  7. Disappointed says:

    The photos you’ve showcased are all pretty… but they all look like they came from the same photographer. It would be great if your list of most “inspiring” photographers were those who are actually breaking boundaries, doing something a little different and not just cookie-cutter replicas of each other…

  8. Guest says:

    Some incredible talent out there and I’m proud and honoured to be mentioned alongside each and every one!

  9. Thank you so much for including me!

  10. Nicole Sarah says:

    Thank you for the honor and congrats to the other photographers and all of the lovely couples!

  11. Nicole Sarah says:

    Bland? Hmm that is unfortunate that you think that way. Obviously these happy couples didn’t think so. :)

  12. Yet another list of bland. says:

    yawn, show us something interesting.

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