The 25 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers For 2013

Our definitive guide to some of the best Canadian wedding photographers of the year from coast to coast, as chosen by the editors at Weddingbells.

We reviewed hundreds of beautiful submissions from wedding photographers across the country in our search for some of the best Canadian wedding photographers to recommend to our loyal readers. Each of the real weddings we feature online and in print inspires us in some way, but for this particular list we were focused on finding the most goosebump-inducing wedding photos that vividly portray the narrative of each special day. We narrowed the field based on reputation, communication, attention to detail and the overall quality and creativity of the shots. Scroll through our list of some of the best Canadian wedding photographers to find a company that perfectly suits your aesthetic, whether that’s classic and timeless or more surreal and dreamy. We’ll introduce you to the people behind the lenses, why we picked them, where you can see more of their work and how you can get in touch to make a booking.

Need more inspiration? Take a look through our list of some of the best Canadian wedding photographers of 2012.

Know any photographers that aren’t on our list but should be? Have them submit a real wedding to be instantly entered into the running for 2014.


9 comments on “The 25 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers For 2013
  1. jenn says:

    happy to see that you have mentioned the top wedding photographers of 2013.Thanks for this,but i want to mention here one more name i.e

  2. Biljana Trajkovska says:

    Well this list is actually nice … What it needs is an actual edge to the photo … Like these next photos: Award Winning amazingness ;)

  3. johnhex says:

    I must thank to the event organizers who have made such beautiful decorations. Last year, I had attended a party at Auckland organized by These guys are really awesome.

  4. Kim Kennedy says:

    Hi.. great to know about the most inspiring wedding photographers. Thanks for sharing. provides best wedding photography in auckland.

  5. LinaS says:

    It is more like 25 paying advertisers :-)

  6. danica003 says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about these photographers. It was really nice seeing these photos of wedding events. Nick Rose Wedding Photographer can provide beautiful images for such events.

  7. SO confused says:

    Seriously enough with these lists it’s redic. These photos could be from ONE photographer or 2000. Stupid stupid stupid.

  8. steve clarke says:

    nice post

  9. mickmickey says:

    Out of the 25, 5 are in reality inspiring. The other 20 are all the same. Who put this list together anyways? So much talent around and this is who you choose. Might as well have called it “the 25 most similar photographers we could find”

    Sad, sad list.

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