You’ll Flip for Flip Video

Yesterday I posted my first Vlog starring the Carmindy from “What Not to Wear.” I filmed it on Weddingbells’ new Flip MinoHD camera and now I’m smitten with this must-have gadget. Making videos has never been such a cinch (I remember my first JVC Camcorder from 10th grade—it was so clunky!). This little gizmo it about the size of an iPhone, takes up no space in your purse and literally requires you to point, shoot and hold it steady to create a perfect hi-def video (the quality is amazing). I want my own Flip now for taking on my next vacation and just having around to create cool clips to post to my friends, on Twitter and maybe even YouTube. I think the Flip would be a great investment for your wedding day (would it not be fun for the two of you to document the day through your eyes?) and a welcome addition to your newlywed tech toys. Click here to see Flip Video prices and models.