Wedding Photo Ideas: 10 Creative Ways To Pose

While a traditional wedding photo taken with the bridal party and family members makes a nice keepsake, we love when couples go above and beyond with their wedding shots. Striking a unique bridal pose with your posse (or your mister!) is one way to instill your fun personalities into any wedding photo. Not to mention, they would be great printouts for you to hang around the house–or would even make nice “thank-you” photo cards.

Think that taking a creative wedding photo just isn’t your style? There are all sorts of way to get inventive with your guests, while still keeping things classy and romantic. For example, having an intimate celebration with less than 50 people? Have your photographer gather everyone together to create a heart-shaped pose (as pictured above). Or, if you’re having wedding sparklers at the end of the evening, twirl them around to create words, your wedding date, or letters (your initials) for picture-perfect wedding photos. For couples that love the idea of including props, try including a frame (big enough to fit you and your groom).

To get you inspired for your own shots, here’s a round-up of 10 fun wedding photo ideas to try.