Pro Tips For Looking Your Best In Wedding Photos

look great in wedding photos

Photo via iStockphoto

Ideally, your wedding photos will last a lifetime, so you’re going to want to look your best in them. But with so many eyes and camera lenses on you at once, it can be tough to ensure you look graceful and composed. So, who better to turn to than a supermodel to lend some advice on looking great in photos? Weddingbells sat down with the face of Almay, Elaine Irwin, to get her tips for becoming more photogenic in a flash.

“First and foremost, don’t overthink it,” says Irwin. “I think sometimes when there’s a camera around we think too much and we get self-conscious and overdo things, so I would try to lighten up.”

“Make sure you feel comfortable with your look,” she adds. “You want to be able to look back many years later and be happy with your photos, so choose a timeless look — something that’s authentic to who you are.”

Don’t force poses. I probably do have go-to poses, but I don’t even know what they are,” Irwin explains. “Sometimes I’ll be at a photo shoot and the photographer will say ‘oh, can u do that again?’ and I’ll say ‘what did I do?’ I’m keeping things natural. If you look at photos of yourself when you were a kid, those are the poses that probably come most naturally to you. Try to connect to those memories.”

Make sure your lips are soft and hydrated,” she advises. “I have the Almay Age Essentials lip treatment in every single purse and I always have a multiple in my bag when I fly. It is the best lip treatment that’s ever been created. It hydrates your lips and it keeps them hydrated all day. I always call it a magic potion, but it’s really the hyaluronic acid in it that helps your lips retain 90 per cent more moisture. If you keep your lips hydrated, you’ll look healthy and glowing in your wedding photos.”

“Try to be really present for the day so you can enjoy it,” says Irwin. “I think you’ll look your best if you feel your best. I know a lot of brides who worried too much about the last minute details at their weddings. At some point you just have to be there and enjoy it. I guess that’s the biggest thing, we look our best when we’re having fun and we’re engaged and we love what we’re doing.”