Current Obsession: A Personalized Wedding Invitation

When it comes to picking your wedding invites, always ask yourself these two questions:

1) Does it express your wedding theme?

2) Is the style you chose a true reflection of how you are as a couple?

If you’ve answered these two questions easily, then chances are, you’ve probably chosen/found the perfect stationery for you. Take this clever invite (from Ice Cream Social) for example. The couple, met and fell in love during chemistry class. So, naturally, a very scientific yet charming wedding invitation was in the cards. Here’s what the designers had to say about the stationery set as a whole:

“Sara and David met and fell in love in chemistry class back in their University of Michigan days. We thought this story was so charming and the perfect opportunity to play around with a little science meets pretty. Their RSVP postcard was our favorite piece to design because the couple gave us a list of items that was significant in telling their love story. The complete suite turned out to be sweet chemistry.”