Modern Wedding Traditions To Work Into Your Big Day


In the past, weddings tended to follow a very cookie-cutter formula incorporating time-honoured traditions sometimes simply because everyone else did. These days, weddings have become far more original. So, why not incorporate some modern wedding traditions that you love? Or better yet: Invent some of your own!

Of course, we would never suggest throwing out all customary wedding traditions; instead we recommend including the ones that actually have meaning to you and your loved ones while spicing things up with some new ones as well. If you’re stuck for ideas, start with thinking of classic traditions that you like or dislike. Love the sentiment of cake cutting, but squirm at the thought of smashing it into each other’s faces? Opt for a different dessert or food to share such as a macaron or croquembouche tower that can be shared with less mess. Want to get your guests more involved in your vows? Opt for a pre-ceremony ring-warming where bands are passed between guests for informal blessings.

Pick new traditions that mean something to you both and you’ll quickly find out that most of guests won’t miss any of the retired ones. Here are a few modern wedding traditions that we’re currently loving.


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