Event & Floral Designer Caspar Haydar, Co-Star of I Do, Redo With Jessica Mulroney, Shares Some BTS Show Secrets

Caspar Haydar

Photography courtesy of Caspar Haydar.

Premiering Sunday March 22nd on CTV (and coming soon to Netflix), I Do, Redo gives couples a chance at having the wedding day they’ve always wanted that didn’t happen the first time around. Show star Jessica Mulroney teams up with Capsar Haydar, principal at Toronto’s Caspar Haydar Design, renown for his magnificent floral and event design. We spoke to Haydar about the show and what we can expect to see—pull up the tissues because there will be tears and TONS of wedding inspo.

How did you work with couples on I Do, Redo to create their dream wedding day?
“In each show, Jessica meets our couple first and really gets to know them and collects all the information we need. We have a super-detailed wish list and Jess asks them many questions which really help us create the ultimate wedding they’ve always dreamt of.”

How did you and Jessica collaborate on the visions of these weddings?
“Once Jessica meets the couples, we have a design brainstorm together. She tells me all about them, what they’ve been through and why they’re so deserving of a wedding redo. I go through their asks and ultimate dream elements and together we create a vision based on their personal style and spirit, while still staying true to our aesthetic.”

What was your biggest challenge in creating these dream redo weddings?
“Many of the weddings were held outside or in beach destinations so anticipating the weather was definitely a challenge. As one couple on I Do, Redo experienced in their first wedding, there’s nothing like rain and high winds to make executing that special day a serious challenge!”

Caspar Haydar and Jessica Mulroney
Were the couples you worked with completely open to your vision or did they have ideas of their own?
“Our goal is always to give each couple the weddings they’ve always envisioned and make all the wedding dreams come true. They are so grateful for the redo opportunity we found they really trusted Jessica and I to completely create whatever we wanted for them which was a real treat.”

The I Do, Redo weddings take place in various locations. Can you share some of your favourite florals and design details from a few of the weddings we should watch for?
“That is a really hard one! They all were so special is their own ways, but I did love Jolicia and Adrian’s wedding redo. The colours were so vibrant against the beach backdrop and the reception with the twinkly light draped canopy with hanging chandeliers was so romantic and lush. I can’t wait for everyone to see that one! I also loved Rob and Tamra’s wedding. Toronto’s Casa Loma was the perfect setting for a classic, elegant, and romantic wedding. We worked to produce stunning florals that appeared timeless yet still modern. The ceremony floral structure was so glamorous. It felt royal and rich in detail.”

What is the most important thing to consider when it comes to florals and decor when wedding planning?
“I always say try not to follow trends too much. You want to look back and have the decor to look timeless and elegant, but some great things to consider are to not be afraid of adding colour—even deep red and blues. Hanging and cascading florals are always great. Forget the floral wall and have all green walls filled with lush, seasonal greenery. You can personalize it with meaningful quote or the classic initials and date.”

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