Ornate Vintage Wedding Cake


Cake by Over The Top Cakes in St. Alberta, Alberta

From the designer: “We loved designing this cake. With broach bouquets and vintage decor being such a popular trend right now, we focused on a modern vintage-themed cake. This cake could appeal to a wide variety of brides, especially someone who appreciates vintage styles, but wants something with a modern twist. The oval features at the bottom are all hand-cut from gumpaste. The broaches are from personal collections and others are store-bought. We built around the theme with layers of fondant and gumpaste. There really was not an exact design for this because we decided to just build around the broaches. It looked a bit scattered when all of the pieces were laying out, but as soon as we started placing them on the cake, it all made sense. We love this cake and are so thrilled to share it!”

Photography courtesy of Ampersand Grey.

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