Croquembouche Wedding Cake


Cake by Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton

From the designer: “A croquembouche is a traditional French dessert served on very special occasions. We love the idea that it’s something that everyone gets to partake in by breaking off his or her own piece. It makes enjoying the dessert that much more fun. The cream puffs are held together by a hard caramel and delicately spun sugar that wraps the whole dessert, making it beautifully elegant. This cake is best suited for a bride that might be looking for something a bit non-traditional in North America. Although guests are sometimes intimidated to break off a piece, once someone starts, everyone really gets into it and it disappears quickly. The main decoration is spun sugar with a simple ribbon at the bottom. We like to keep it simple and really let the croquembouche shine on its own.”

Photography courtesy of Ampersand Grey.

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