Ombre Pleated Wedding Cake


Cake by Whisk Cake Company in Kelowna, British Columbia

From the designer: “We wanted to do something a little different, something that catches your eye and causes it to move from top to bottom, without it being too overwhelming. The flow of fabric and water always have a tendency to move the same way–breathlessly–so we wanted to try to mimic that movement with something that does not move like that at all–sugar. This five-tier wedding cake was covered in a pale pink fondant as our canvas, before adding multiple colours of pleated fondant in different directions on each tier. Once the cake was completed, we started work on our favourite part of any wedding cake–the sugar flowers. Working with the different shades of pinks and ivories, we set out to create beautiful, realistic-looking flowers that would pop against the subtle colours of the cake. Bright pink tulips and peonies contrast the subtle, smooth white freesias that were placed on the cake, adding movement and depth. This cake could be for a modern or vintage wedding. The lines in this cake lend well to all different styles, making it timeless. Cakes like these always make us smile when they are complete, making us realize everyday why we love what we do!”

Photography courtesy Jessica Zais.

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