Silver Wedding Cake


Cake by City Girl Cakes in Halifax

From the designer: “The inspiration for this cake came from a magazine ad for Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet fragrance. Natalie Portman wears this amazing white dress with tiny petal blossoms in an ombre colour pattern from the bottom coming up to the top. The colour palette for the cake (white and silver with various shades of purple and pink) came directly from that dress and a floral arrangement used in another ad for the fragrance. This style is perfect for the couple looking for a romantic cake with a bit of a modern flair. The bottom tier features multi-coloured fondant ruffles in an ombre pattern, followed by the popular silver metallic look. The extended middle tier is wrapped with satin ribbon in a modern crisscross pattern. The top tier is kept simple to showcase the sugar fantasy flowers cascading from the top and over the side.”

Photo courtesy Candace Berry Photography.

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