Prettiest Cakes Luisa Galuppo


Cake by Luisa Galuppo Cakes in Montreal

From the designer: "Beautiful wedding dresses have long been a source of inspiration for me. Their rich fabrics, lace, textures and fine details lend themselves to the most elegant of cake designs! After discovering and, I must admit, falling in love with an image of a stunning couture blush wedding gown I was immediately inspired. It was very important to me that the cake flowed much like the dress, from the soft blush rosette ‘skirt’ to the subtly beaded ‘bodice’, it had to be seamless. What I love most about this cake is its ability to remain soft and delicate while still appearing intricate. This cake was designed for the elegant, timeless bride with a taste for sophistication and a heart for romance."

Photography by Kate Fellerath.

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