Presh Floral Bouquet


Canada's Most Beautiful Bouquets For 2015 - Presh Floral

Bouquet by Presh Floral in Ottawa, Ontario

From the florist: For this bouquet I envisioned creating something effortlessly sweet and timeless. This all-white bouquet is composed of a mixture of delicate and lush spring blooms loosely arranged in a romantic garden style. The bouquet will appeal to brides with nostalgic sensibilities as it incorporates classic wedding flowers such as lily of the valley and is finished with a dusty blue silk bow and a sprinkle of forget-me-nots to add ‘something blue’ into the bride’s ensemble.

Flowers: Peonies, lily of the valley, lilacs, sweet peas, bridal wreath spirea, hellebores, ranunculus, astilbe, English ivy and forget-me-nots.

Photography by Anna Jones.

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