Myra Rose Florist Bouquet


Canada's Most Beautiful Bouquets For 2015 - Myra Rose Florist

Bouquet by Myra Rose Florist in Winnipeg, Manitoba

From the florist: The inspiration came from a carefree stroll through the forest, collecting interesting textures, invigorating scents, and lovely soft and subtle petals, generously gathered in a free, loosely-gathered design. I wanted to use refreshing grey and blue-green foliage, with soothing, calm and cool pastel florals. This arrangement offers a balance of rough and soft, as a meeting of feminine and masculine, for a very meaningful day.

Flowers: Peonies, freesia, roses, tulips, brunia, peach hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus and grevellia.

Photography by Brittany Mahood.

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