Foxgloves Flowers Bouquet


Canada's Most Beautiful Bouquets For 2015 - Foxgloves Flowers

Bouquet by Foxgloves Flowers in Vancouver, British Columbia

From the florist: Inspiration for this bouquet stemmed from my absolute love of fragrance and texture. Juxtaposing the soft, romantic and aromatic blooms of roses, lilac and sweet peas with the weird and wonderful textures of succulents, smoke bush, leucodtendron cones and ivy berry creates a unique and one-of-a-kind bouquet.

Flowers: Sweet peas, lilac, pansies, ranunculus, leucodtendron cones, hellebore, roses, calla lilies, smoke bush, kalanchoe, succulents, ivy berry, heather, lavender and olive branch.

Photography by Kim Kalyn. Shot on location at Stanley Park Pavilion.

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