Canada’s Most Googled Wedding Questions – Answered

Most Googled Wedding Questions

The fact that our parents were able to plan weddings without the help of search engines and social media actually boggles the mind. Can you even fathom trying to find vendors without Instagram or attempting to keep track of decor ideas without Pinterest?! And then there’s Google search, the most important wedding planning (and general life) tool of them all.

Because so many people turn to Google first after becoming engaged, this all-knowing oracle has unique insight on the types of questions that puzzle brides most – and now Google Canada has shared that insight with us.

Google filled us in on the 12 most-searched wedding questions in Canada, then we took those queries to a panel of pros – wedding planners Rebecca Chan and Julianne Young, DJ and emcee Michael Coombs, officiant Sarah Bunnett-Gibson and etiquette expert Lisa Orr – for definitive answers.


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