Lily of the Valley


Photography courtesy HRM Photography.

Most brides can only dream of having lily of the valley for their bouquet, but if you want it bad enough, I suggest planning your wedding around it!

Lily of the valley is actually the birth flower for the month of May—the first three weeks are the typical season for it. Be forewarned, however, because weather can greatly effect the season by several weeks. When searching for a florist to make this delicate bouquet for you, one with experience is obviously preferable. You will be amazed how many designers are uncomfortable even selling it. The most important part to having a beautiful lily of the valley bouquet and boutonnière is having it delivered to you in a vase of water—don’t worry if the ribbon gets wet. Keep them in water until you are ready for pictures and/or the ceremony, trim the stems with a sharp pair of scissors (they may have been left long so they could easily drink), dry off the ends, and have fun! I always suggest getting an extra boutonnière as the delicate blooms tend to get damaged even easier then most. Finally, it’s essential that you provide your florist with a second choice, just in case the season isn’t timed perfectly with your wedding date. An excellent alternative is white freesia clustered together with some mini aspidistra edging the bouquet.

In the end you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope that Mother Nature gives you a helping hand. Don’t worry too much. All flowers are beautiful.