How To Pick Symbolic Wedding Flowers

wedding flower meanings - chrysanthemum

Flowers courtesy Cool Green and Shady. Photo by Carlo Mendoza.

When it comes to your wedding flowers, there’s more than meets the eye. When choosing blooms for your celebration, take into account not only colour and seasonality but also the meaning behind the blossom. For example, did you know that roses, are symbolic of love, passion and devotion? What better floral sentiment for your big day!

Kate Middleton popularized the idea of opting for a symbolic bouquet when she walked down the aisle carrying an arrangement comprised of lily-of-the-valley (which signifies a return of happiness), hyacinth (which represents the constancy of love), ivy (which represents fidelity), Sweet William (an ode to her groom) and sprigs of myrtle planted by Queen Victoria in 1845.

While you may not have access to flowers planted by your ancestors, there are plenty of other ways to work meaningful blooms into your bouquet. Here we’ll show you six popular petals, what they mean, and when they’re readily available.