30 Unconventional Candy Bar Must-Haves

Inspired by Princess Lolly and Lord Licorice of Candyland? You can integrate your sweet tooth into your elegant, whimsical, or rustic affair by offering guests a sprawling candy buffet stocked full of your favourite sweet treats. Colourful candies are a great way to incorporate your theme and colour scheme into your reception and they make terrific take home goodies for guests. Supply brown paper bags for your rustic celebration or classic takeout boxes for your elegant wedding and let guests mix and match the sweets they like best.


One comment on “30 Unconventional Candy Bar Must-Haves
  1. Richard Ross says:

    OMG I love TheRingBearer.ca candies (the heart ones) me and my bridesmaids all got one at the wedding show and they’re seriously amazing…I sound crazy but they’re so good!

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