Wedding Food Trends For 2015

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Beef or chicken? How about neither! Aside from your sweet, heartfelt vows, your wedding food will likely be the second most-talked-about element of your wedding once the celebration is said and done.

Part of throwing a great party is having an impressive spread of food and drinks that will delight your guests and keep them satisfied throughout the day’s proceedings.

With so many couples embracing craft beer, homemade spirits and innovative culinary trends, it’s no surprise that standard, plated wedding fare is being replaced with interactive food stations, family-style meals and fun finger food with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

So, before you pre-order 200 plates of standard banquet fare, check out these cool new foodie ideas that are sure to impress your guests more than a plate of roast beef and steamed carrots.

Our first wedding food trend: Everything Bacon.


1. Everything Bacon

Bacon is no longer just for breakfast. Over the past few years this popular cured pork has been appearing in everything from jam and cocktails to donuts and ice cream. For weddings, there’s an infinite number of ways to work everyone’s favourite meat into your menu. Here, we worked alongside Yorkshire Pudding Catering to dream up five wedding-appropriate bacon dishes that will keep your guests coming back for more.

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2. Signature Drinks With Bitters

Interest in craft spirits has spiked over the past few years alongside the farm-to-table movement and with this has come a renewed interest in the art of mixology.

Bitters, in particular, have made a strong resurgence on the cocktail scene. These potent liquids flavoured with botanicals, which are added to drinks by the droplet, have been around for ages and were popularized in cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Old-Fashioned.

These days, bartenders and at-home mixologists have taken to creating their own herbal concoctions (in flavours ranging from lime and grapefruit to coffee and ginger) for use in a range of creative libations. From updated Greyhounds to modern Mint Juleps, the sky is the limit when it comes to signature cocktails with bitters. Think about updating your favourite tipple with rhubarb, pear or apple bitters to create your wedding day drink. Here we’ll show you a few innovative ways to use these au courant extracts. Tweak these recipes to your liking then personalize them with fun names for your big day.

All glassware, linens, platters and dinnerware from Chair-Man Mills

2015 wedding trends - farmers market fruit stand

3. Farmers’ Market Finds

The popularity of farmers’ markets has exploded over the past decade with more people gravitating towards fresh, locally-sourced food. It should come as no surprise that this obsession with all things artisanal has trickled into the wedding industry, with an increasing number of couples choosing meals that highlight the best seasonal ingredients available in their areas. The influence of farmers’ markets has also changed how couples are presenting their wedding food — think family-style tables strewn with produce, decadent bread bars and fruit stands in lieu of traditional wedding favours. Here are a few ways you can work your love of local markets into your wedding spread.


4. Comfort Food

When it comes to appetizers and late-night snack stations, comfort food is rapidly becoming a wedding staple. Even couples that opt for more classic wedding dinners are making sure their hors d’oeuvres and midnight food stations include decadent indulgences like macaroni and cheese or chicken and waffles.

Consider making your favourite comfort food more wedding-appropriate by serving mini portions or presenting the signature dish in a bar with fancy toppings and sauces guests can use to customize their treats. Here, we’ll show you five mouthwatering wedding comfort food ideas.


5. His and Hers Options

His and hers signature cocktails are already a popular wedding trend, but what if your differing palates extend beyond the bar? If he’s a big meat eater and you’re a strict vegetarian there’s no reason you can’t both showcase the things you love. The best way to do this is by taking the his and hers concept one step further with appetizers, food stations and mini bars.

Set up a mimosa station in one part of your venue to highlight your love of brunch cocktails and a whiskey bar in another area to highlight his passion for spirits or have your wait staff circulate with his and hers hors d’oeuvres. Here we’ll show you some cool his and hers food and drink ideas to consider.

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