Make The Most Of Your Centrepieces

save money on wedding - centrepieces

Make The Most Of Your Centrepieces

“I am a huge fan of ‘biggest bang for your buck’ so what I often tell my couples when it comes to flowers and décor is to have few statement pieces rather than a room full of mediocre centrepieces,” says Zapala.
“This way your wedding will be stylized and unforgettable and no one will know just how much you saved on the décor. With average price of a tall centrepiece being somewhere between $150 and $300 each and low centrepieces of hydrangeas or baby’s breath being around $50 and $75 each you can save few hundred and maybe even few thousand dollars if you opt for having just a few statement pieces and low centrepieces for the rest of the tables,” she adds.

Image via Rustic Wedding Chic.

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