13 Reasons To Add Veggies to Your Floral Centrepieces

This is one of those quirky ideas that you must see to believe. From the onset, you must be thinking, do veggies and flowers even go together? Um, yeah, they kinda do–especially when you see how the talented team from Mimosa Flower Studio, a Niagara-based flower shop, transforms everyday vegetables into works of art. With a grocery list that included new potatoes, radishes, cucumbers, leeks, turnips, carrots, beets, celery and artichoke, the florists at this top shop went to town with the exciting concept. From a carrot-infused arrangement to a cool cucumber creation–Mimosa Flower Studio has plenty of veggie and floral displays to get inspired from–13 to be exact (click on images below to enlarge). The best part? This is one centrepiece, that I can guarantee, your guests will be itching to take home, as I’m sure the vegetables found in each arrangement can be used for delicious at-home meals.