10 Must-Have Wedding Photos

From the ceremony to the speeches, your wedding day will undoubtedly go by in a flash. That’s part of the reason almost every couple has a wedding photographer on hand — to capture all of the special moments of the day so that you can look back on them for years to come. From the vows to the late night dance party, you want to make sure your wedding photographer captures every element of the day — especially those you may have missed.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with wedding photographer Corina Van Sluytman from Corina V. Photography and asked for her help zeroing in on the top 10 moments that should be captured at every wedding. She says above all else wedding photos should convey the sentiment of the day.  “When I photograph weddings, capturing emotions is very important. By just looking at the bride and groom you can see how happy they are, and their strong feelings for each other are so clearly displayed in their facial expressions and gestures,” she explains. “When the album of the entire day is put together, the pictures tell a story, and so when future generations look at these wedding photos they experience the moments as if they were there; and of course the couple themselves can relive the day step by step.”

Click through the slides below to see Van Sluytman’s list of must-have wedding photos.

All wedding photos are courtesy of Corina V. Photography.


3 comments on “10 Must-Have Wedding Photos
  1. naVv says:

    Good information about photography and blog is also good…

  2. Andreas Avdoulos, Photographer says:

    While I respect Corinas work and think she’s a very, very talented artist, I feel that lists like this only put pressure on brides to expect certain things that in many cases just don’t happen. No wedding is the same, you’re not a number, so why follow any sort of list? Even for an idea?

    As professionals who serve dozens of clients each wedding season we must have these shots in the back of our minds – we must watch, listen, feel…and if they happen we should do our best to capture them. However, from one wedding to the next, the pace is different. There are times…when the groom does not cry or shake in anticipation. There are times when a father is not present, or when that dance doesn’t even take place.

    No wedding is the same. My advice – plan the day with a professional planner, and just enjoy it. Have fun! Let us worry about what we need to capture to tell your story for your families.

    Great photos Corina!


  3. Thanks again for asking me to be a part of this article – it was a pleasure! xoxo

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