This Company Prints All Your Wedding Insta Hashtag Action On The Spot

wedding insta hashtag printer

Let’s face it, most couples stop checking up on their wedding Instagram hashtag the second they hit the beach for their honeymoon, and those party snaps fade into the far reaches of your friends’ feeds pretty quickly. Luckily, instant hashtag printers are a thing now. A company in BC and Alberta, called Silly Booth, in addition to offering more traditional photo booth services, can also bring in a special kind of printer that automatically turns every single one of the party’s Instagram shots into tangible memories—ones that can be saved in a way that’s slightly more special than your random tagged bar pics from 2012.

wedding insta hashtag printer

It’s a delightfully simple process: as long as your profile is public and you hashtag your photo, it’ll be printed immediately in a playful Polaroid-inspired format. Guests can also see everyone else’s photos on a touch-screen and make extra printouts if needed. At the end, assuming your pals are the typical Instagram-addicted millennials, couples can walk away with a photo wall that will constantly remind them of the funnier late-night moments the professional photographer maybe didn’t capture: like right after the best man took off his shirt to shotgun a beer, or when the bride’s grandmother was one of the last people on the dance floor.