Display Your Wedding Photos

How will you be showing off your wedding photos? From hardcover albums to scrapbooks and traditional picture frames, there are dozens of ways to show off your stunning wedding day pics. Trust us, once the day is over your friends and family are going to be asking: Can we see your pictures? (We know because we’ve been bugging our Art Director Jenn to get her to show us her gorgeous pics from her recent wedding — and yes, we’ve been lucky enough to see a few snaps!)

One way to keep tons of photos out in the open for your friends and family is with a digital frame. If you’re already thinking about getting one, definitely consider this new Kodak Pulse Digital Frame, $200. What’s cool about it, is you can manage your pictures remotely and have friends and family email pictures right to the frame, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. Plus when you add new pictures to the frame, it will alert your friends on Facebook and the Kodak gallery that new photos have been added. The frame has 512 MB of memory, which translates to about 4,000 images. There’s also a USB port and two card slots if you want to add photos from other sources.

We think it’s a great way to show off your new wedding pictures and have your friends and family help add their memories to your collection too.