Why You Need Start Watching Four Weddings Canada

Image courtesy Four Weddings Canada

We know you’re knee-deep in booking caterers and considering florists, but we highly recommend you start taking some time out on Wednesday nights to watch Four Weddings Canada, the show that pits four brides against each other in a matrimonial showdown for a chance to win a dream honeymoon. Why? Quite simply: It’s hilarious. Need proof? You’ll find it in these Toronto Life recaps complete with “Bitch-O-Meters” and titles like “Your Wedding Sucks” and “Drunk Husband-Bride”. In each hour-long episode of the show, four diverse and opinionated brides attend each other’s weddings and then score them out of ten in four categories — venue, food, dress and overall experience. Toronto Life then takes the scrutiny one step further by rating each bride’s behaviour.

Four Weddings Canada probably won’t help you with the wedding planning process but it’s good for a laugh — and you’ll definitely take solace in the fact that there won’t be four strangers and a camera crew in attendance on your big day.