Wedding-Related Movies Hit Theatres this Weekend!

While we anticipate the opening of Bridesmaids next week (click here for a chance to enter to win a pair of tickets for a VIP advance screening), you can still head to the box office this weekend and expect to see two more wedding-related movies opening: Something Borrowed and Jumping the Broom. Read on to see a review and recap on both flicks!

If you’re anything like me, it’s not summer without the romantic comedies at the theatres, and with the summer wedding season right around the corner there’s a few weddings coming to a theatre near you. Something Borrowed (out May 6) stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson in the big screen adaption of Emily Giffin’s much loved and best-selling book. Destined to be the chick flick of the summer, Something Borrowed is about Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and her best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson).Perpetually single Rachel is a hard-working lawyer at a top New York law firm and a dedicated best friend to the uncompromising Darcy. But on the eve of her 30th birthday after too many celebratory drinks, Rachel falls into bed with the boy she’s had a crush on since law school. Only that crush happens to be on Dex (Colin Egglesfield), Darcy’s fiancé. Pained with the too-late realization of what might have been, Rachel must decide what is more important as the nuptials between her best friend and the potential love of her life draw near. Definitely take your best friend and a box of Kleenex to this one!
-Kate Stewart

Brides, if you’re ready to grab your mister, and head to city hall after battles over the venue, food and ceremony with your close family and friends, Jumping the Broom is the perfect movie to help you remember why it is YOUR day. In this hilarious drama, Paula Patton plays the role of Sabrina Watson, an up-town woman whose dating life takes a turn for the better when she meets Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso), a downtown working class man. Flirtation quickly turns into engagement and as the couple begins to plan for their wedding, they quickly realize the opposing views each of their mothers have on what should happen; particularly on whether they should ‘jump the broom,’ a long-standing African-American tradition, or not. With Jason’s pushy and opinionated mom (Loretta Taylor), and Sabrina’s stuck-up mother (Angela Bassett) attempting to manipulate every decision the couple makes, Sabrina is pushed to the edge, causing her to question her marriage to Jason. Despite everything, reality prevails and both mothers do what is best for both Sabrina and Jason. The only question now is: Will they jump the broom?
-Stephany Kroeker