Wedding Shoes: 9 Pretty Ones to Buy Now

Wedding shoes are the first thing many brides-to-be invest in — even before the dress — building their aisle style from the feet up. This is especially true for girls set on rocking a statement shoe. A wedding shoe with some colour is a great way to personalize your wedding look and so is a pump or sandal with some sparkle. With the holidays upon us, this is the most wonderful time of year to source out the absolute prettiest, sparkling wedding shoes. This season there are so many great wedding shoes to choose from including ones adorned with sparkly bows, shimmering sequins, rhinestone baubles and warm metallic glitter.

When wearing sparkling wedding shoes, there are a few fashion rules to keep in mind. If you are wearing a dress where your feet are visible, think of your shoes as your key statement accessory — you don’t want to overwhelm your wedding gown with too much glitz. Limit your earrings/necklace/bracelet to one statement piece. Along with remembering not to over-accessorize, another tip to keep in mind when opting for a killer pair of statement wedding shoes is to keep the embellishment on your wedding dress to a minimum — the perfect fit is a slightly understated dress with just a hint of shimmer.


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  1. lisalesa says:

    I love these…turn up the Bling…
    that’s what I always say!

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