Wedding Makeup: Candy-Coloured Beauty Essentials

Who ever said you couldn’t use colour for your wedding makeup was wrong, wrong, wrong! We love the idea of incorporating pretty and poppy shades into your aisle style and if you don’t’ want to do it with fashion, playing with your wedding makeup is a great way to do it.

For spring, we are loving three specific candy colours for wedding makeup: pink, mint green and orange. To work some pink into your look, we love the idea of mixing bold and soft shades. Choose a bright pink lipstick and pair it with pale petal eye shadow and nail polish. When it comes to mint green, get fresh with your wedding makeup by applying a wash of sparkling green shadow across your lids, then make eyes pop with a slick of deeper green liquid liner across your upper lash line. When it comes to orange, we recommend a tempting tangerine shade for your wedding day manicure, a zesty roll-on fragrance, a Technicolor tangerine cream blush and sparkling orange lip gloss.

The number one rule to remember when you’re playing with colourful wedding makeup is to use everything in moderation. Consult with your makeup artist and decide what’s going to work for your specific skin tone to beautifully complement your wedding style.