Truvelle 2014 Wedding Dresses

Truvelle Wedding Dress

Truvelle, a Vancouver-based bridal company, was created in 2013 by Gabrielle Bayona–formerly a designer/seamstress at Ellebay Bridal Boutique in New Westminster, British Columbia. “Truvelle is a bridal line for girls who are unique, modern and in love,” Gaby explains. “We aim to create effortlessly beautiful gowns that are miles away from the typical bridal ‘costume’. We don’t make dresses that wear the girl, but instead something that dresses up an already beautiful individual.” True to her word, Truvelle’s wedding gowns vary in style from heavenly ethereal creations to dazzling modern designs full of sequins and sparkle.

Currently, there are eight bridal gowns available for order through their Etsy shop, with a new collection set to be released next summer. “All of my gowns are named after the girls who played a part in making Truvelle a reality,” Gaby shares. “Kristy’s a photographer, Madison a graphic designer, Michelle, Cheylene, Rochelle, and Julia are all friends, while Merly is my mother. Truvelle wouldn’t be what it is if not for them, and I figured naming my gowns after them was the least I could for them!” Each gown is tailored for different body types and bridal styles.

And, if you can’t find something to your liking, Truvelle offers custom bridal gowns. “I used to run a custom dress shop with my mum; it’s how I started out in the bridal industry and where my roots lay,” Gaby says. “Plus, I love working on custom dresses because it gives me ideas for new designs!”

Photography by Blush Wedding Photography.