Pnina Tornai Shares Her Top Bridal Gown Shopping Tips

Pnina Tornai Shares Her Musts for Bridal Gown Shopping - Wedding Dress

Photo courtesy of Pnina Tornai.

When it comes to wedding dresses that are OTT in the most amazing way possible, nobody does it better than Pnina Tornai. The beloved designer and Say Yes To The Dress favourite was recently in Toronto for an appearance at Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay where she definitely made some bridal dreams come true showcasing her new 2018 LOVE by Pnina Tornai collection. We had a chance to chat with her about bridal style and sparkle.

Weddingbells: What is the style philosophy behind your latest collection?

“My 2018 LOVE by Pnina Tornai Collection was designed keeping in mind the love I receive each and every day from my brides from around the world. I was inspired by the beauty of the simple pleasures in life: flowers, sunrises, sunsets, and most of all, the divine magic of this amazing world we live in. This collection has a gown for every bride from the girl who has dreamed of her own fairy-tale moment to the bride who loves the sexiness of red carpet glamour. It takes the best of my couture collections and makes it possible for a bride with a stricter budget to buy the gown of her dreams. I want every bride to be a Pnina bride.”

WB: Who is the Pnina Tornai bride?

“The Pnina Tornai bride is fashion-forward and has confidence in who she is. She appreciates fine details, quality fabrics, and a killer silhouette! She dares to be a different and always stays true to herself in fashion and in life.”

WB: Do you have a favourite dress style or silhouette for your brides?

“It’s so hard to choose because all of the gowns are like my children! I love them all for what they are. My favorite silhouette for my bride is the one that makes her feel the best, but if I had to choose one, I love a fitted gown with a detachable skirt. That way you get two looks in one.”

Pnina Tornai Shares Her Musts for Bridal Gown Shopping - Wedding Dress

Photo courtesy of Pnina Tornia.

WB: You are the sparkle queen of bridal design…can a girl ever have too much sparkle on her wedding day? 

“I am a firm believer that a bride should do whatever makes her feel her most beautiful on her wedding day, whether that’s wearing a simple slip dress with no sparkle or wearing a two-piece ball gown with a crystal encrusted bodice and embellished skirt. I haven’t met a bride yet who wore too much sparkle!”

WB: What is the most important thing a bride needs to consider when shopping for her dress?

“I think one of the most important things a bride needs to consider when dress shopping doesn’t have to do with the gown at all. It has to do with who she brings to her appointment. I’ve seen too many appointments end in frustration because a bride’s entourage didn’t have her best interests at heart. Too many opinions can get very confusing, so make sure you bring only the people who will be completely honest, know your sense of style, and are the closest to you. The day should be fun, not stressful!”

WB: “_______________ will never go out of style when it comes to bridal fashion.”

“Confidence will never go out of style when it comes to bridal fashion. It’s the best accessory!”