Jim Hjelm Fall 2013

The elaborately beaded, asymmetrically hemmed ball gown pictured above could have easily been a collaboration between Grace Kelly and Christian Louboutin, but it was, in fact, the final piece to debut in the Jim Hjelm Fall 2013 collection. The decadent dresses showcased this season’s embrace of traditional, classic bridal couture, utilizing silhouettes that you’d be just as likely to catch in an episode of Mad Men as you would at Bridal Fashion Week. While sleeves were displayed by several designers this season, Jim Hjelm stuck to sweetheart necklines on almost every one of his designs. Some of our favourites in the Jim Hjelm Fall 2013 collection included a lace-topped ball gown with a flowing ruffled overlay, a jewel-encrusted lace party frock tied with a girly bow, and a blush petal ball gown with a jewelled bodice. Though dresses ranged in detail (even, in some cases, colour) the common denominator was timeless drama and glamour. We can envision any one of these dresses worn by brides planning a formal but fun celebration, the type where McDonalds is doled out on the dance floor of a glittering historic manor. The Jim Hjelm Fall 2013 collection also featured elegant, flowing bridesmaids dresses in punchy hues like red and raspberry, as well as some cooler tones, all of which would be suitable for an elegant wedding.

Photography courtesy of firstVIEW