Galia Lahav Spring 2018 Wedding Dresses

Galia Lahav Spring 2018 Wedding Dresses

Inspired by the Victorian era in England and its parallel phase in France, La Belle Epoque, Galia Lahav’s spring 2018 collection is a feast for the eyes.

The Israeli label is known for sultry, body-hugging gowns and opulent detailing and this collection delivers on those pillars. “You’ll find delicate textured laces, deep coloured backgrounds, careful attention to detail and an atmosphere of sheerness against substantial elements of lace,” says Lahav.

The Victorian inspiration behind the line is apparent in the delicate lace gowns, especially in styles like the Thelma, with its sheer puff sleeves and ornate detailing on the bodice. Fashion-forward brides will be intrigued by the Sterling cape, a shimmering, high collared overlay that ups the glam factor on any gown. The collection as a whole has a very ethereal vibe to it, complete with an array of colour choices from porcelain ivory to dusted silver and smoky blush.