Find The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type (Like These Celeb Brides Did)

Ciara Wedding Dress

We know that finding the perfect wedding dress is a daunting task (to say the least). Between choosing from different fabrics, colours and styles, the options are a never ending pool of tulle and lace. Whether you’re the type of bride who’s envisioned her wedding dress since childhood or are going in with a blank slate, taking into consideration what’s going to flatter your specific body type doesn’t hurt when it comes to choosing your gown.

Thankfully we hit up Danielle Gulic, one of the owners of LoversLand, a boutique bridal shop in Toronto, to give us some pointers on what styles and shapes work best on each body type. Gulic is full of great insight, as owning a bridal shop has given her plenty of hands-on experience with brides of all shapes and sizes. “There are endless options out there so I think it’s important to consider one’s body type as it will help narrow down [your] search,” she says. “Never judge a dress on the hanger. Trying a range of silhouettes will help the bride understand why certain silhouettes work over others.”

We’ve outlined five body types below along with celebrity bridal gowns that perfectly highlight how to flatter your body with the right style dress.