Ooh La La!

That is exactly what I’ve been saying every time I look at my hands since getting my first-ever French manicure. Typically I like my nails deep and dark (red, plum, berry and aubergine shades are my faves), but after reading an article in the May issue of Vogue about the return of the French mani, I decided to take a break from Lincoln Park After Dark and try this nearly-nude look on for size.

My nails look so pretty, so clean and so modern—not a word I would normally associate with this popular ’80s nail finish, until now. Once my manicurist got over the shock of me asking for a French mani, she told me the key to a look that’s au courant is having the right length and shape of nails (keep them shortish and “squoval”) and the right polish colours. The shade used for the smile line should be a crisp (but not chalky) white paired with a warm, buff-coloured polish that’s translucent, not cloudy or opaque—shades like these ones pictured. This fresh French is the perfect finish for summer nails and for your wedding day—if you haven’t tried it, give it a go. You may end up a convert like me who’s now keeping my chic new nail look through September.