French Manicure

Sundays and Wednesdays, those are my “nail nights,” the two days of the week I polish my nails. Ask anyone who knows me intimately and they’ll confirm this idiosyncratic factoid with you. I’m almost exclusively an OPI wearer—it’s chip resistant and the colours are the best.

A few weeks back, I attended a launch event in Toronto for OPI’s spring collection. Sadly, I can’t tell you anymore about it until it hits shelves in February, but what I guarantee is you’ll love it. Currently, I’m completely obsessed with OPI’s fall offering, La Collection de France. I instantly fell for almost all 12 shades, but there was one I was definitely not feeling: You Don’t Know Jacques! In the bottle, the colour looks flat, muddy and putty-like. When I was at the OPI event, I quizzed Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the company’s executive vice president and artistic director, about the shade and if it would look good on me. “It is one of the collections best sellers and honestly, it looks fabulous on everyone.” Well, last night being Sunday, I polished up with Jacques and I have to say, Suzi was absolutely right—it’s gorgeous! Out of the bottle, it morphs into a rich, taupe-grey; a fresh, modern shade that looks amazing against white gold and diamonds (ie. your wedding bling). I definitely recommend saying “I Do” to Jacques on your wedding day. He won’t disappoint and will give your nails a neutral hit of colour with a fabulous fashion edge.