Wedding Hair Extensions: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Long, Lovely Locks For Your Big Day

hair extensions for wedding day

You hair is one of the most important elements of your overall bridal look and every bride dreams of having lush wedding hair. Whether it’s a longer length you want or more vavoom volume, hair extensions might be the answer you have been looking for as the clock ticks down to your wedding day.

To get the skinny on wedding hair extensions, we spoke with hair extension expert  Melissa Mckenzie owner of Toronto’s Doll Bar Inc. who tells us that hair extensions are a huge service for brides. “Many women want to amp up their wedding day look with fuller and longer, luxurious hair which can easily be achieved with hair extensions or clip-in pieces,” McKenzie shares. “Hair extensions have been the secret of many brides for years, but only recently have brides been sharing their experiences. In our business, we’ve noticed brides want to have the freedom of changing up their look, with no (or minimal) commitment.”

If you’re considering wedding hair extensions, there is a little homework you need to do before committing. Here McKenzie tells what to consider, how much you can expect to pay and some essential dos and don’ts when it comes to working with a stylist.