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Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Garter Belts

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To toss or not to toss, that is the question. Have you ever wondered what the garter belt means and why it gets tossed in the first place? We asked Jaime Lawson, the designer from Bleu Garters, to give us all the details concerning common garter toss practices and burgeoning garter belt trends.

1. What does the tossing of the garter belt mean?

The garter toss is an old French tradition that dates back to the medieval times. Tradition states that the single man that catches the garter will be the next to marry. As the male counterpart to the much anticipated bouquet toss, it is often a comedic and exciting activity done before the dancing begins and can be played up as the more scandalous portion of a formal affair.

2. Have the garters always been very distinct and original to the bride’s personality? Or have they typically revolved around a traditional design and structure?

Our garters have always been tailored to the bride’s style and taste; however, one common theme is that they want to incorporate their “something blue” in the garter! In terms of design and structure, the garters chosen by brides have a wide range from tie style to fabric to ribbon to lace.

3. Why is the “something blue” so important?

Blue is the colour of purity, fidelity, good luck and loyalty, and it has been worn by brides for centuries to bring good luck on their wedding day.

4. Traditionally, brides wear a single garter on the right leg. More recently they have taken to wearing two so that one can be kept as a keepsake. Do brides often purchase a pair of garters or would you design a set for them with this practice in mind?

All bridal garters on our website have the option of being sold with a “Toss Garter.” The “Toss Garter” is a simple elasticized ribbon garter created in colours that complement the original garter. The elasticized ribbon makes the “Toss Garter” do exactly what it is supposed to do: toss easily so the groom can fling it to the single men!

5. Lace garters have always been the most common choice among brides but have you noticed any trends regarding the material?

Occasionally we have brides request a garter in silk taffeta or silk charmeuse. The result is a very luxurious and sophisticated garter with beautiful colour dimension. Also, some brides prefer ribbon garters. The ribbon garters are more simple and carefree than lace or fabric, but twice as cute!

6. What is the most unique request you have had for a custom design?
We made a gorgeous garter using lace from the bust of a bride’s grandmother’s wedding dress. She sent us the top, and we cut out small pieces of lace and attached them to a beaded garter the bride had chosen earlier. We then embroidered her initials and her wedding date on the ribbon of the garter. It turned out so sentimental and special, not to mention beautiful!

7. If you had one message to our readers concerning the garter toss or the garter itself what would it be?

There is a garter out there to suit everyone’s style. You don’t have to participate in a garter toss in order to purchase a garter. Garters are beautiful keepsakes that can be kept private, under your dress, and saved to pass on to future generations.  They are much easier to fetch out of your lingerie drawer than a large, packaged bridal dress when wanting to reminisce about your wedding day!

7 Hot Songs for Your 2012 Wedding

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This year has brought so many great trends and celebrations to the forefront of our minds. But, as 2011 draws to an end, we can’t help but be excited about new wedding ideas for 2012. At the top of our list? Wedding songs! From your first dance choice to your bridal party entrance songs, there’s always a few songs each and every year (old and new) that constantly top the wedding charts. Already on our minds is Jay Sean’s (ft. Nicki Minaj) “2012 (It Ain’t The End of the World)“, which he released in 2010. Wanting to be the first to release a “2012” song, it garnered much attention two years ago, but we have a feeling with lyrics like ‘we gonna party, like it’s 2012’, this song will get a major revival from and brides and grooms wanting to add a feel-good (and relevant) track to their playlist.

We asked Michael Coombs, owner of Prodigy Entertainment to give us some insight on which other tunes/tracks will be making it big for 2012. “It’s always hard to predict what’s going to be “hot” in the year to come.  Movies, TV shows and radio play have such a strong influence on what songs go “big”.  With Madonna, The Killers, Nelly Furtado and Black Eyed Peas set to release new albums in 2012, I’m sure they will have some tracks that get “must play” status,” predicts Coombs. On top of Jay Seans’ 2012 song, here are six which Coombs believes will be on the radar:

1) “Footloose” Kenny Loggins – With the remake finishing it’s run in theaters and about to be released for at home enjoyment, the original “Footloose” has made a huge comeback and I see it carrying forward into 2012.

2) “Sexy & I Know It” LMFAO – This song is hot and is one of the most requested songs for the last couple of months. I see this transitioning into a fun garter toss song, for those who still want to include the toss in their wedding reception events.

3) “Now That We Found Love” Heavy D – RIP the “Overweight Lover”.  I love this song and it made a huge comeback with the Will Smith / Eva Mendes movie “Hitch”. With him passing away recently, I see it as a “must play” for the New Year.

4) “We Found Love” Rihanna – With the November 21st release date of her new album “Talk that Talk” I see this song, and I’m sure a few others, getting some heavy play in the new year.

5) “Wonderful Tonight” Eric Clapton – More of my couples are going back and choosing classics rock ballads for their first dance. With this being a song that I’ve seen popping up a lot on request lists in recent months.  The lyrics are just beautiful.

6) “My Girl” The Temptations – With me being the Father of three daughters, I couldn’t resist a Father / Daughter dance song in my list. For the Bride who wants to make the dance with her Dad fun, sentimental and whimsical, this is a great choice.

A Perfect Proposal in Three Easy Steps

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We’ve seen some crazy and creative wedding proposals in our time, but whether your fiancé asks via Jumbotron or over a candlelight dinner, chances are his proposal will adhere to some of these age-old traditions.

1) Ask the Parents. By asking permission your fiancé acknowledges how important you are to your parents and expresses his desire to become part of the family. Today, this is a courtesy and a sign of respect, but once upon a time it had a very different meaning. Hundreds of years ago when daughters were exchanged like property (yikes!), this meeting between the parents and the suitor provided an opportunity to discuss the subject of dowry, and what the suitor had to offer.

2) Pick a Ring. Your fiancé may choose the element of surprise—in which case, feel free to drop lots of hints!—or he might openly ask for your input. Another great option? The placeholder ring. We’ve heard of everything from candy rings to twist ties and pieces of string! The placeholder ring will enable your mister to pop the question first, and find your perfect ring (with your help!) later.

3) Get Down on Bended Knee. Have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from? Interestingly enough, this act is derived from the process of being knighted by the Queen! Modern-day Sir Lancelots should kneel on their left knee and present the ring with their right hand. Kneeling also conveys a sense of vulnerability and giving oneself to the ultimate commitment. So now you know!

Tell us, how did your mister ask for your hand in marriage? We’d love to hear your personal proposal stories!

Why You Should Consider This Canadian Coffee Shop Staple Instead Of A Wedding Cake

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Photo courtesy Krispy Kreme

Traditional tiered wedding cakes are taking a backseat to some other delectable sweets that can be dressed up for the big day. With the cupcake craze flying high, the wedding industry is taking note of a new player in town: The donut. What makes this fried doughy goodness so special? We went straight to the experts to answer this question and find out what they’re doing to elevate Canada’s favourite dessert.

What makes donuts so popular?
“I think it’s the comfort more than anything – fun foods from our childhood evoke thoughts of comfort, familiarity and happiness.  What more could you ask for on your big day?”
Ashley Arvai, catering and special events manager at The Drake Hotel

Which donuts are the most popular choice for weddings?
“The mini beignets. These donuts are light, soft and not too greasy. [We] use a real French recipe and our donuts are made with high quality ingredients such as butter from Belgium.”
– Sylvie Thobor, owner of Thobors Boulangerie

“Our glazed doughnuts always top the list for weddings. Every bride dedicates a lot of thought and effort to make her special day unique and memorable so Krispy Kreme’s one-of-a-kind doughnuts certainly make an impression. There is also the notion that these “golden rings” are a symbolic allusion to the marriage ceremony.”
– Ryan Buenaventura, marketing manager at Krispy Kreme

“For weddings we favour offering our donuts in miniature form. The top three requests are for our sinfully sweet Boston cream, our powdered version stuffed with Niagara strawberry jam and of course the classic old fashion drizzled in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.”
Ashley Arvai

How are couples presenting donuts in their wedding spreads?
“Donuts often takeover the spotlight and are being featured as the main dessert and, in some cases, as the cake itself — glazed donut towers.”
Ashley Arvai

“We occasionally receive special orders for Krispy Kreme donut cakes. The fact that our key locations are donut factories allows for the flexibility to accommodate these orders regardless of how large they may be.”
– Ryan Buenaventura

Some might say donuts are a kitschy dessert centerpiece. What would you say to that?
“It’s all about representing the couple and suiting their tastes and visions.”
Ashley Arvai

A Coral-Toned Fairytale Wedding In Edmonton

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Shannon Krystal Novak and Henry Verne Plantinga, April 30th, 2011, Edmonton, Alberta.

Photography Courtesy Buffy Goodman of Buffy Goodman Photography, (

Ceremony location: North Pointe Community Church
Reception location: The Edmonton Petroleum Club
Bridal gown: Maggie Sottero from Bridal Debut
Bridal party’s attire: Wedding World Bridal
Cake: Cakes by Candace
Favours: The Wedding Shoppe
Flowers: Jennifer Kitzan from The Kaboose
Groom’s attire: Moores
Hair and makeup: Eveline Charles City Centre
Music: Garry Robertson Music
Stationery: Valley Printers

Elements For Your Fairytale-Inspired Wedding


Always dreamed of being a princess? Make this dream a reality on your wedding day with our fairytale-inspired wedding ideas. Take your fashion cue from Cinderella with a voluminous gown and long gloves accessorized with a bejeweled silk headband and sparkling pumps (a definite step up from the glass slipper!) Even your invitations can reflect your “happily ever after” theme. In this story there will be no pumpkins to speak of (unless they’re on the menu).

Clockwise from top left:

Bridal gown, courtesy Priscilla of Boston, Platinum Collection. Seen in this slideshow.

Shoe, courtesy Jimmy Choo.

Cake, courtesy Bobbette and Belle. Photography courtesy 5ive15ifteen Photo Company.

Silk headband, courtesy Haute Bride.

Invitation, courtesy Down-to-Earth Paperworks via Etsy.