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An Elegant Estate Wedding

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After crushing on Rodney for four months, Emma finally mustered up the courage to ask him out. When it came to popping the question, Rodney did the asking in the comfort of their home with their dog by his side.

For their wedding, Emma and Rodney choose Hacienda Sarria, a luxurious property with Spanish flair. “It was the perfect place to have our wedding,” Emma shares. “You truly felt transported to another world.” To complement the Hacienda’s rustic feel, the couple opted for a muted palette of beige and blush with gold and burgundy accents.

When it came time for the couple to recite their vows, Emma says she was especially emotional. “I didn’t anticipate that I would cry but as the words flowed out of my mouth, I knew they were from my soul and spirit,” she shares.

Their first dance was another sentimental moment for the couple, who chose “One and Only” by Adele. The song captured Emma’s feelings for Rodney during those four months before their first date. “This song carried over into our relationship,” she adds. “It was the perfect song for us.”

Emma and Rodney also cherished the speeches given by their loved ones. “Our family and friends couldn’t have said better words to unite our families and celebrate our love,” she adds. “A mixture of laughter and tears was so validating.”

Emma Blake and Rodney Phillips, September 26, 2015, Kitchener, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Andrew Mark Photography

Ceremony and reception venue: Hacienda Sarria
Wedding planner: Claudia Francescutti from Hacienda Sarria
Bridal gown: Augusta Jones from Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay
Groom’s tux: EPH Apparel
Hair: Negar from Salon Parastar Spa
Makeup: Kate Nadon (
Caterer: The Charcoal Group
Cake: The Cake Box
Flowers: Blooms & Flora
Music: Juneyt Yetkiner
Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas (invitations), Shutterfly (save-the-dates and thank you cards)
Favours: Donation to the WRSPC


A Romantic Wedding In Downtown Toronto

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Even though Minah and James had drastically different ideas on what to wear for their first date (she donned a skirt and heels while he sported a t-shirt and shorts), it didn’t stop the pair from having great conversation over ice cream sandwiches and dive bar beers. “I liked that the date was so casual and easy,” Minah recalls. “It really set the tone for our entire relationship.”

For their wedding, Minah and James choose a chic downtown venue complete with a treehouse for the groomsmen to get ready in. To glam up the venue’s rustic feel, the couple opted for a palette of pink and gold punctuated by plenty of lush flowers. “The colour and fullness of each arrangement made our wedding feel so natural and romantic,” Minah notes.

Another highlight for the couple was their first look photo session, which took place right beside their ceremony space. “I loved that we were able to have that moment documented,” Minah shares. “It really showed how excited and happy we felt.”

The celebrations continued at the reception, where the couple were entertained by a rap written and performed by Minah’s two maids of honour. “It went terribly wrong!” Minah laughs. “It was a bit off beat and inaudible, but it was so much fun to watch!”

The couple was so busy during dinner service that they didn’t have time to put on their hanboks (traditional Korean attire) like they’d originally planned. “To not let the outfits go to waste, we quickly changed into them near the end of the night and danced to some old school reggae with our rowdy friends,” Minah remembers.

Minah Hwang and James Hong, July 10, 2015, Toronto, Ontario. 

Photography courtesy of Lisa Bang Photo.

Ceremony and reception location: Berkeley Field House
Bridal gown: Anais Anette from Vogue Sposa Bridal Boutique
Bridal party attire: Amsale and Monique Lhuillier from White Toronto
Hair: Riva Chu (
Makeup: Maria Park (
Groom’s tux: SuitSupply
Caterer: Berkeley Field House
Cake and cupcakes: Flour Studio
Favours: Wine Palace
Flowers: DeLight Floral + Design
Music: DJ Lyon (
Stationery: Make It Sweet
Videographer: Jeremy Robertson Wedding Films

Why Virtual Reality Wedding Videos Are The Next Big Thing


Virtual Reality Wedding Videos

Photo via iStockphoto.

What if you could go back and replay your wedding day, reliving the moments you didn’t see, like your maid of honour tearing up as you read your vows or your new mother-in-law breaking out impressive moves on the dance floor?

Sounds out-of-this-world impossible, right?

Not anymore, thanks to a cutting edge videography style called virtual reality (VR).

We asked two pioneers of VR video – Chris Sharpe of Spotlight 360 and Jan Ostrovsky of Virtually Memorable – to break down the concept.

“A VR video is a 180 or 360 degree video with a field-of-view that centres around a main subject and allows a viewer to freely look around the video to see the full scope of the environment surrounding that subject,” explains Ostrovsky. Achieving the 360 effect takes plenty of coordination. “Using a selection of cameras pointing in different directions, the footage from the cameras are synchronized and then stitched together to create one high definition spherical video,” adds Sharpe.

To get the ultimate 360 experience, the viewer should wear a VR headset (Google Cardboard headsets start at $15 and attach to your smartphone). A headset makes the viewer feel as if they are virtually inside the video, experiencing the visuals as if they are happening right in front of them at that very moment, notes Ostrovsky.

The immersive aspect of VR video is but one of it’s many advantages:

It’s a unique video experience that won’t make a dent in your wallet.
“360 virtual reality wedding videos are now affordable for most budgets and are the perfect accompaniment to traditional video and photography packages,” states Sharpe.

It’s not restricted to a certain viewing platform.
“A VR video can be viewed anywhere from a computer screen or on a smartphone,” notes Ostrovsky.

It gives the viewer complete control over what they look at.
“This ensures that they never miss any of the action, regardless of whether it’s happening in front, above, behind or to the side of them,” says Sharpe.

It lets the couple experience their wedding as if they were a guest.
“They can look into the crowd and notice loved ones’ reactions or they can look upward and around to notice the details of their beautiful venue and decor,” explains Ostrovsky.

The ability to travel back and relive the day all over again is VR video’s major selling point. “For a bride and groom to be able to return to the middle of the most important day of their lives is a truly amazing experience and one that should not be missed,” adds Sharpe.

Four tips to help you decide if a virtual reality wedding video is for you:

  1. Do you have loved ones who are unable to attend your wedding? “A 360 wedding video is a great way to help them feel like a part of your celebration,” says Sharpe.
  2. Would you like to share your wedding video on social media? It’s become easier than ever to share and view 360 videos over platforms like Facebook and Youtube, adds Ostrovsky.
  3. Are you interested in the latest wedding tech? These videos capture your wedding in an exciting new way that most people have yet to experience, notes Sharpe.
  4. Do you want your wedding captured in a realistic way? “A 360 video captures the event as it happens,” says Sharpe. Instead of a highly polished and edited montage of your day, it’s a realistic and immersive wedding experience, he adds.

Check out these virtual reality videos from Spotlight 360 and Virtually Memorable:

15 Things No One Tells You Before You Get Married


things no one tells you before marriage

Photo via iStockphoto.

You and your partner just got engaged and, naturally, you’re floating on cloud nine. While you’re loving all the warm comments and heart emojis on your post-proposal selfie, you’re eager for the dust to settle so that you can begin planning your dream wedding. You’re in a state of total bliss, and you feel as if nothing could burst your bubble.

After the excitement of the wedding wears off, however, your life as a married couple truly begins – and, real talk, married life is not always a piece of cake.

Now that you’re merging your lives together, you’re bound to have disagreements over how you’ll spend your money, where you’ll go on holidays, and who does what horrible household chore.

In order to avoid a damaging fight that could lead to an even nastier split, engaged couples need to look at marriage as the major, life-changing commitment that it is and have those hard discussions about important issues before the big day.

We turned to Jamie Golombek, managing director of CIBC Wealth Strategies Group, and Sig Taylor, marriage counsellor and psychotherapist, for 15 things that every couple should know before tying the knot.

1. Your partner is going to annoy you in a million different ways
You just moved in with your partner and, to your dismay, you discover that he likes to chew his ice cream. Instead of finding this quirk endearing, it’s the most obnoxious sound you’ve ever heard. According to Taylor, your partner’s personal habits – no matter how good, bad or ugly – are going to come out in your marriage. The key to dealing with those habits is learning to agree to disagree. “You have to get into that mindset that the other person is different but not wrong, that’s respectful and understanding,” notes Taylor.

2. It’s important to have a game plan before you have kids
You likely had the ‘kids or no kids’ discussion before tying the knot but that’s probably as far as it went. You can rest assured that the pressure to procreate will intensify once you’re married (your parents will want to know when the grandkids are on the way!) and the stress of raising little ones can definitely put strain on a marriage. There’s research to back it up – couples are likely to experience a 70 per cent reduction in their relationship satisfaction after the birth of their first child, notes Taylor. “The biggest mistake that a lot of couples make is that they make their kids more important than their relationship,” he adds. “Couples have to really say – we have to keep our marriage and our relationship a high priority, and we can’t let the kids dominate or take all of our time and attention.”

3. You’re going to fight, but that’s okay
It’s inevitable that you and your partner are going to argue, whether it’s over something silly like whether or not rocks have souls, or something serious like how your partner is spending too much time at the office and not enough time with you. No matter the conflict, never blame your partner for your feelings, cautions Taylor. Instead, have a calm discussion about the issue without letting your emotions get the better of you. “You’re not going to agree on everything, but you need to be able to hear each other,” he adds. “Healthy couples don’t have to be throwing dishes at each other or yelling at each other if they learn to manage [their] emotional reactivity and learn good communication skills.”

4. Your romantic life isn’t always going to be exciting, but that’s okay too
When you first start dating, you were constantly going out for candlelit dinners and sunset walks, unable to keep your hands off each other. But realistically no couple, no matter how in love they are, can sustain the fireworks forever. To keep the romance alive for years to come, Taylor suggests learning your partner’s love language (whether that’s words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts or acts of service) and expressing your affections accordingly.

5. You both need to communicate well, otherwise it’s not going to work
You’re peeved that your partner forgot to pick up dinner like he promised, and that quickly devolved into a screaming match about transgressions that occurred months ago. “Communication goes out the window if either one of the people get into an emotional reaction,” warns Taylor. Instead, you need to keep calm while trying to find common ground with your partner.

6. Marriage is hard, and you both need to put in the effort
As much as we hope that married couples are happily in love all the time, it’s simply not the reality. “I always say that love is a feeling and it’s wonderful, but feelings come and go,” says Taylor. Marriage, on the other hand, is a contract, and takes hard work from both parties to sustain it. The happiest couples are making their relationship a priority, he adds. “Good relationships don’t just happen. They’re intentional.”

7. It’s important to have a serious talk about money
You can’t resist a good housewares sale (because who doesn’t need a third strawberry destemmer?!), and your partner saves every nickel he’s ever come across. According to a new CIBC poll of Canadians who plan to get married or live common law within the next 24 months, a mere 35 per cent have actually had a serious talk about money. The best way to reconcile any financial differences is to talk it out well before you tie the knot, says Golombek. “It’s extremely important to make sure you are both on the same financial page otherwise you’re setting yourselves up for disaster down the road,” he cautions. “It can really help to talk to someone, like a financial advisor, who can be impartial to help with difficult questions and concerns to coach you along the path to financial health and harmony before your big day arrives.”

8. You’re not just marrying your partner but their whole family 
You’re head-over-heels in love with your partner, but not so much with his meddling parents and immature friends. But whether you like it or not, they’re not going away anytime soon, laughs Taylor. “You’re not only marrying your partner, but their friends and family and all their problems and all their quirks,” he says. In order to keep loved ones from needlessly interfering in your relationship, you need to create boundaries within your partner’s family and within your own, he adds.

9. Jealousy is going to happen, but it’s how you deal with it that matters
Hopefully your partner won’t accuse you of cheating with a girl named Wendy when you were simply indulging your burger cravings, but there’s no denying that temptation lurks around every corner. “You need to realize that there’s attractive people in the world and probably flirting that’s going to happen,” notes Taylor. “Some couples are hugely jealous and they’re walking on eggshells with each other and that’s not a healthy way to have a relationship.” To tackle feelings of jealousy in a healthy way, you need to take responsibility for your feelings and not blame your partner, he states.

10. It’s important to have alone time and separate interests
You might love watching trashy reality TV with your partner, while he prefers to take in artsy documentaries on his own. It’s important to remember that you and your partner have very different wiring, notes Taylor. Naturally, there will be one person who assumes that marriage means doing everything together, while the other wants to be on their own. The solution is to meet in the middle. “The person that’s ‘independence first’ needs to be a little bit more togetherness oriented, and the person that’s ‘togetherness first’ needs to be able to tolerate a little more independence,” he says.

11. Navigating the holidays is a whole new beast
It’s your first holiday season as a married couple, and your social calendar is flooded with invites to parties all over town. To avoid a blowout fight, you and your partner need to agree on a game plan that includes a workable set of obligations as a couple and as part of two families, suggests Taylor. In good relationships, Taylor explains, there’s something called equal regard – meaning that no one person’s feelings, perspective or family are more important than the other’s. “You can tackle anything if you have a mindset of willing to meet in the middle, and come up with solutions that are win-win,” he adds.

12. It’s the little things that matter more than the grand gestures
Announcing your affection for your partner with a sea of red roses or a message in the sky is super romantic, but far from an everyday occurrence. Instead it’s the little acts of kindness that foster marital bliss, notes Taylor. Whether it’s your partner leaving you a Post-It love note on the bathroom mirror, or you cooking his favourite casserole even though you can’t stand the smell of it, seemingly insignificant gestures of love deepen your bond in a way that a grand declaration never could.

13. Your partner isn’t just your partner, but your best friend for life
While it’s important to find your partner physically attractive, you should consider them a friend above all else. They’re the person that you can be your true self around, that you can laugh with, confide in, and lean on when times get rough. “Couples that are the happiest have a high level of fondness and admiration for each other,” notes Taylor. “They’re really good friends. They really like each other.”

14. Comparing your marriage to someone else’s is a recipe for disaster
Your friend group has a Will and Kate-esque couple that is nailing married life, making you feel like you and your partner will never measure up. The problem with comparison is that it cheapens the unique bond that you and your partner share. “Every marriage is different and there’s no one size fits all,” explains Taylor. You and your partner need to forge your own values, habits, and traditions, he addsIt’s also important to remember that appearances can be deceiving. “People present a really positive image out there but you have no idea what’s actually happening when you look inside.”

15. If your relationship was great before, then getting married won’t really change anything
Marriage naturally comes with some major changes – your extended family has doubled in number, you check the ‘Mrs.’ box instead of ‘Ms.’, and you wear a sizeable diamond ring around your finger. It’s understandable to feel that those changes, while surface level, will shake your relationship to its very core. But if you and your partner had a solid foundation before tying the knot, transitioning into married life should be a breeze.

10 Common Wedding-Guest-Related Disasters (And How To Prevent Them)


Wedding season is officially here and, sadly, it can sometimes bring out the worst in a person. You’ve heard the horror stories – the mother-in-law who loudly declared, mid-ceremony, that a marriage between her son and “what’s her name” would never last; the uncle-slash-photographer who not only got so drunk that he fell through a wall, but also failed to load his camera properly so that the bride and groom were left without photos; the woman who live-blogged how much she hated her friend’s wedding, from the “alright” food to the “tacky” bridal car.

Luckily your friends and family would never act like that, right?

While you hope that your loved ones will behave like grownups, there’s always the possibility that someone could cause a scene that’s talked about for years to come. To spare them the embarrassment (and many unflattering Facebook photos), we turned to wedding planner Cynthia Martyn for tips on navigating tricky guest-related scenarios with your friendships firmly intact.

A DIY Ranch Wedding In Rural Alberta

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A DIY Ranch Wedding In Rural Alberta - Bride and Groom

Katie and Myron got engaged while snowboarding high up in the mountains, but for their wedding the two opted for a down-home farm celebration. Katie’s father’s sprawling ranch in rural Alberta, complete with a red barn and matching tractors, was the ideal setting for the couple’s country-themed celebration.

Keeping true to their theme, Katie wore ornate cowboy boots with teal detailing underneath her ivory gown, while Myron donned a brown vest and vintage wash jeans instead of a tux. The couple exchanged “I dos” beneath a wooden arch adorned with a burlap ribbon before being whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage.

Their ceremony space was resplendent in DIY decor that Katie and her mother had made together. Vintage-inspired details like lace ribbons, pearl buttons, and ornate votives meshed perfectly with rustic additions like straw bows and a wagon wheel chandelier.

Ending the day on a sweet note, guests dined on cookies, cupcakes, and a tiered cake dotted with burlap flowers and a twine heart-shaped topper.

Katie Kraemer and Myron Petitclerc, September 19, 2015, Ghost River Valley, Alberta.

Photography courtesy of Erin Shepley Photography.

Ceremony and reception location: Kraemer’s Ghost River Valley Ranch (403-804-9732)
Bridal gown: Mori Lee from Embrace Bridal
Bridal party attire: The Parisian (
Groom’s attire: Ranch2city (403-945-6007) and Irvine’s (403-946-4246)
Caterer: Irricana Lions Club
Cake: Marcia from Forever Cakes (
Decor and favours: DIY

The Worst Wedding Gifts Ever (And How To Deal If You Get One)


Worst Wedding Gifts Ever - Unhappy Bride Holding Present

Photo via iStockphoto.

It’s post-wedding, and you’ve finally found some time to sift through your giant pile of gifts. With a sense of excitement, you reach for the nearest beautifully wrapped box. You immediately feel the heft of it, and the heavier the box the better the gift inside it has to be, right? You pull off the ribbon, rip off the paper and remove the lid, only to discover that you’ve received a painted rock. And a pretty big one at that.

What gives?

You registered at a few stores, giving your guests plenty of gift options you’re guaranteed to love. And even if they wanted to go off-registry, you assumed they would know you better than to gift you something that you have absolutely no use for.

But the thing is, you could’ve had it so much worse. Generally speaking, bad wedding gifts commit one or (or more) of these sins:

They’re damaged or have clearly been used before.
It’s normal to want to cut costs during wedding season, but gifting a used coffee thermos is not the way to do it.

They’re super cheap.
While great for a picnic, a package of paper plates (and not even the patterned kind!) screams “I didn’t want to make an effort!”

They try to be funny but fail.
Maybe your guest has a dark sense of humour, but gifting a book on how to deal with divorce, even if it’s meant as a joke, is just not cool.

They’re inappropriate.
The last thing you want to do is open up an embarrassing book like “The Ultimate Guide to Getting It On” in front of your new in-laws.

They’re just plain weird.
What’s the purpose of a three-foot-tall stuffed mouse wearing a Christmas hat and vest, besides being a creepy statement piece?

According to etiquette expert Lisa Orr, all “terrible” wedding gifts have one thing in common – they reflect the taste of the giver rather that the receiver. “Often this is done under the misguided view that you should give someone a gift that you would like to receive, but unfortunately it’s the most likely way to select a gift that the couple will absolutely not like,” Orr explains.

If you’re that couple stuck with a gift that you absolutely detest, then unfortunately your options are a bit limited. “The only appropriate step is to say thank you for the gift and appreciate it in the spirit that it was given,” she notes. “Under no circumstances should you inform the giver of your negative feelings or ask for something else.”

The good news is that there are certain precautions you can take to prevent this from happening in the first place. The key is to limit the number of off-registry gifts with a two-pronged approach. First, list your registry details on your wedding website. “The easier it is for guests to find and use your registry, the more likely they are to select a gift off it,” she notes. Second, communicate your gift preferences through family and close friends. “Parents and future parents-in-law are often asked about the gifts so make sure they know your wishes,” she adds. “Then they can subtly let [other] family members and friends know that you are registered.”

Even if your guests go off-registry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll hate what they select. “[Off-registry gifts] can be some of the most thoughtful and creative gifts you will receive,” she notes. Your guest simply needs to keep you and your partner in mind when making their choice. “If you know the couple loves to dance or do yoga together, selecting a gift that acknowledges that special connection – even if it’s something more experiential – can be a lovely treat for a couple who has been immersed in the intensity of wedding planning,” she suggests.

Above all, when it comes to wedding gift giving (and receiving), remember that it’s the thought that counts. (Though we wouldn’t blame you in the slightest if you wanted to hide that painted rock in your garage.)

Canada’s Most Googled Wedding Questions – Answered


Most Googled Wedding Questions

The fact that our parents were able to plan weddings without the help of search engines and social media actually boggles the mind. Can you even fathom trying to find vendors without Instagram or attempting to keep track of decor ideas without Pinterest?! And then there’s Google search, the most important wedding planning (and general life) tool of them all.

Because so many people turn to Google first after becoming engaged, this all-knowing oracle has unique insight on the types of questions that puzzle brides most – and now Google Canada has shared that insight with us.

Google filled us in on the 12 most-searched wedding questions in Canada, then we took those queries to a panel of pros – wedding planners Rebecca Chan and Julianne Young, DJ and emcee Michael Coombs, officiant Sarah Bunnett-Gibson and etiquette expert Lisa Orr – for definitive answers.

A Colourful And Glamorous Indian Wedding

Real Weddings


It took over 10 years of attending the same events before Puja and Sumit finally met at a mutual friend’s wedding. For their own nuptials, the couple opted for an “English tea party for Indian royalty” theme, using a vibrant palette of purple, magenta, orange, green, and gold. To achieve a tropical feel, Puja, a designer herself, created all the art deco floral invitations and stationery. Elephants of all shapes and sizes were also scattered throughout both the ceremony and reception venue for good luck. “It was an amazing process being a bride and a vendor to myself,” Puja shares. “My team came together and supported my creativity while bringing their own to the table and we created something unique that spoke volumes to Sumit and I,” she adds.

For the ceremony, Puja wore a customized red outfit complete with handcrafted Indian brocade and embroidery work, while Sumit donned a matching suit. Walking down the aisle surrounded by the smiling faces of friends and family was another highlight for the couple. “The cherry on top was seeing Sumit, a pretty tough guy, get a bit emotional the first time he saw me,” Puja shares. “I was overwhelmed and it felt dream-like.”

At their reception the following day, Puja choose to incorporate marsala – Pantone’s 2015 colour of the year – into her attire. She opted for a marsala and gold outfit with Swarovski crystal details, while Sumit wore a matching suit complete with marsala ascot and shoelaces. For their first dance, the couple choose a cover of “Love Me Like You Do” by Boyce Avenue. “We immediately fell in love with everything about this song,” she shares. “The lyrics, his voice, everything brought us chills.”

As self-proclaimed foodies, the couple wanted to give their guests the best possible dining experience. This included a feast of fusion food at the reception, complete with a dessert station where chefs made fresh jalebis (a deep-fried wheat flour snack) and other Indian sweets. At midnight, guests ate butter chicken poutines before partying the night away on the dance floor that Puja helped design.

Puja Malhotra and Sumit Kaushal, July 24 and 25, 2015, King City, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Gurminder Banga from Banga Studios.

Ceremony location: King Valley Golf Club
Reception location: Grand Empire Banquet Hall
Planner: Rosy from Arora Wedding & Event Planning
Bride’s reception gown: Gaurav from CTC West
Groom’s ceremony tux: Gaurav from CTC West
Groom’s reception tux: Noir Label
Bridal party attire: Gaurav from CTC West
Hair: Nalini Persaud (
Makeup: Amanda Reid Makeup
Henna artist: Sonal Shah (
Turban tying: Vic Sehdev (
Caterer: The Host Fine Indian Cuisine (ceremony), Grand Empire Banquet Hall (reception)
Decor and flowers: Sara Baig Designs
Floor decal: Corrie and Norm from Event Graffiti
Stationery: Vibrance Designs (the bride’s company)
Music: procession drums – Vic Sehdev (, singer – Archie Dubey (, DJ – DJ Guru/DJ Serge (416-995-4198)
Videographer: Joseph from JF Squared Films

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2017 Wedding Dresses

Fashion & Beauty » Wedding Dresses

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2017 Wedding Dresses

Monique Lhuillier’s spring 2017 collection is an ethereal dream, brimming with airy gowns in every pastel hue imaginable.

Lhuillier presented her new collection outdoors at the luxe French patisserie Ladurée, where one sorbet-hued dress after the other floated through the garden-turned-runway.

New gowns featured a sweet mix of necklines – illusion lace, plunging Vs, unstructured corsets – and hemlines – tiered skirts, tulle trains, lace underlays – that any bride looking for a touch of effortless whimsy will love. Highlights include the Blume, a pistachio-hued gown with hand-painted lacework, the Imagin, a soft blue frock with floral embroidery, and the Anastasia, a Chantilly lace dress with a blush tiered skirt.

Photography courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

A Romantic, Elegant Wedding In King City

Real Weddings


David proposed to Darlene by filling their apartment with flower petals and candles. Even though the smoke detector kept on going off during David’s speech, that did not stop Darlene from saying a tearful yes – after which they immediately blew out all the flames!

For their big day, Darlene and David opted for a classic theme with a muted palette of mint greens, soft blues, and warm ivories. Floral arrangements brimming with wildflowers added an earthy yet elegant touch, which perfectly complemented the pretty vases that Darlene had picked out herself.

The couple stayed true to their roots with a traditional Korean ceremony, a highlight of which was the reactions of family and friends to their outfits. “At this point of the day we were starting to relax a bit and enjoy ourselves more,” Darlene explains.

The celebrations continued with the couple’s first dance, which featured musicians on ukuleles strumming “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong. David chose the song but as a twist it was performed in French, a detail that was important to the couple from the very beginning. “It was absolutely amazing and incredibly personal for us,” Darlene notes.

To cap off the evening, the couple treated their guests to a surprise late night McDonald’s feast. “It was awesome to see guests with shots in one hand and McChickens in the other!” Darlene laughs.

Darlene Kang and David Lee, September 5, 2015, King City, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Caileigh Kyle from Photos By Caileigh.

Ceremony and reception location: King Valley Golf Club
Bridal gown: Essence of Australia from Ritché Bridal
Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo
Hair and makeup: Maggie Ng
Engagement ring and bride’s wedding band: Anna from Everlast Diamond
Groom’s wedding band: Diamonds For Less
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Pastel Dress Party
Groom’s suit: Garrison Bespoke
Caterer: King Valley Golf Club
Cake: Nutmeg Bakery (
Favours: Totes Baked
Music: DJ – Navin Sookram (; guitarist – Chris Platt (; singer – Carissa Kimbell
Flowers: Jaimie Reeves from Leaf & Bloom
Stationery: Minted (invitations only), day-of stationery handmade by the bride
Videographer: Christian Peterson from One Heart Films

Cool Summer Desserts For Your Big Day



While your wedding cake is undoubtedly the star of your dessert table, it does little to keep your guests cool during a sweltering summer celebration.

To beat the heat, add some icy options to your sweets menu like classic fruity popsicles, whimsical ice cream tacos, or a sophisticated semifreddo sandwich.

Whether you ultimately buy them or make them at home, frozen desserts — ranging from light and fruity to decadent and chocolatey — are sure to be a hit with your guests. We’ve rounded up 15 refreshing parfaits, popsicles and ice cream treats guaranteed to keep your guests cool and coming back for more.

A Glamorous Camp-Inspired Wedding

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Bailey and Nick knew without a doubt that they wanted to incorporate camping into their wedding as it played a major role in their relationship. After a 33-day camping trip across Canada and the U.S., Bailey was completely sure that Nick was her “forever” person. “I look back on that trip and other canoe and hiking trips we’ve taken as touchstones for our relationship,” she explains.

It was only fitting that the couple opted for a “glamping” theme, using natural elements like birch and pinecones with glamorous touches like glitter and gold paint. Antler accents and the Parks Canada logo added rustic touches to their elegant-yet-outdoorsy venue.

In keeping with their love of nature, the couple said their “I dos” beneath a leafy tree as friends and family cheered them on with handmade paper wands. Three loved ones even formed a one-time band to serenade the couple with a few of their favourite songs. “The ceremony was so meaningful to us as a moment to take stock of the work and love we had put into our relationship, and to see and acknowledge all of the wisdom, support and examples we have around us in our friends and family,” she notes.

The couple’s loved ones were treated to even more rustic details at the reception, like a seating plan built like a trail map, and tables named after national and provincial parks that the couple had camped at. After dinner, guests enjoyed a dessert table brimming with Canadian treats including pies that Bailey and Nick’s grandmother had made. A chocolate cake with a glimmering stag and doe topper finished the day off on a sweet note.

Bailey Duller and Nick Campbell, August 3, 2014, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Meghan Andrews Photography.

Ceremony location: Berkeley Castle
Reception location: Archeo
Bridal gown: Truvelle from Sash and Bustle
Hair and makeup: Jessica Jean Myers from Toronto Beauty Group
Caterer: Archeo
Cake: DIY
Music: John Park from Parent Trap
Officiant: Martin Frith from Ceremonies with Choice

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